Private Classes

Private Pilates classes are for those who want a session specifically designed for their body.

Private Pilates classes can be arranged and are organised according to class size from one to four clients per session with times arranged to suit the clients needs.

Private Pilates classes can be either Mat Work or Equipment, or a mixture of both dependent on the individuals needs and wishes.

All private sessions use top quality Pilates equipment - Reformer, Wunda Chair, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Foam Roller and small props, which offer both resistance and support allowing you to achieve a range of movement that you won’t think possible!

Private tuition is especially beneficial in these particular areas:

  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Sports/Athletes
  • Beginners

It is important that we discuss the finer points so that we have an idea of your previous experience, physical health and so that we can also answer any further queries that you may have.

Please do feel free to contact us for more information, or to book onto one of our classes - 01395 514 162

Have you recently suffered an injury or do you have a long-term injury that just won't go away?

If you have been recommended to Pilates by your physiotherapist, osteopath, surgeon or doctor we would recommend private classes to ensure that your Pilates program compliments any treatment you are already undertaking and that it is introduced at the correct phase of your rehabilitation.

By teaching you correct movement patterns and creating a more balanced body and a strong core, Pilates will not only help you recover from injury but ensure that you don't re-injure yourself when you return to your favourite sports or activities.

Often in the case of injury rehabilitation, you may be able to join a class after a period of time, once good core stability has been achieved and your injury has been stabilised.

Rowers, Golfers, Horse Riders, Dancers, Swimmers, Tennis Players...

Whatever your sport, Pilates can improve your performance, reduce your chances of injury, decrease injury recovery times, allowing you to continue to play your sport and importantly to remain injury free.

Most sports by their nature, require repetitive movement using particular muscles which can cause inflexibility and imbalances, resulting in injury. By building the body from the inside out, focusing on your deep core and your spine and ensuring your muscles are built strong but flexible, Pilates can increase your performance quite dramatically and keep you healthy to compete for years to come.

For those new to Pilates, Private Classes are an excellent way to learn Pilates and reap the benefits in the fastest way possible.

We all learn differently, and in a private class you can focus on what you need to correct, and focus on the areas where you need more work.

Many clients start with private lessons and then move to classes once they are more confident and able.


I first came into contact with Pilates in 1985 and found that this form of exercise completely encapsulated all my beliefs about fitness, the Mind Body connection and the ensuing ongoing health of both body and mind.

Previously, I had trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (LGSM) in London, which inspired further my innate love of dance and movement. This lead me to explore different forms of exercise and movement, which included achieving an Aerobics Instructor qualification.

On discovering Pilates, I studied to become a Pilates Instructor, completing an apprenticeship at Wayne Sleep's Studios in London and working with Gordon Thompson (later of Body Control Pilates fame). I then instructed at Wayne's studio, and at other London studios, until moving to Devon in 1994. In 1993 I undertook further training with the Pilates Institute, to become an Instructor Member of the Pilates Institute.

My Diploma in Counselling qualification and ongoing trainings informs and underlines my belief that as Joseph Pilates said:

"It is the mind itself that shapes the body"
and that:
"Your biography becomes your biology"

I regularly attend Master Classes and further trainings in London, Spain and USA making sure that I am in touch with all the latest research into Pilates, and most importantly to challenge my own Pilates Practise!

"Pilates for Life is an unending Journey - it is not the arrival that is important but how the journey is conducted and experienced that matters."


My journey into Pilates started because I had, from the age of 19, inherent back problems which would regularly disable me for a week at a time! Therefore, when Linda suggested that I start Pilates during my first pregnancy (2002) it seemed a very sensible thing to do.

I really enjoyed the Pilates Matwork sessions and quickly realised that it was making a significant difference to the strength of my back. I continued doing Pilates right up to the birth of my eldest daughter. Pilates now is an essential part of my life both for body, mind and spirit; as I teach full time in an International School and have two children my life is very busy and demanding.

Because of my personal experience of the enormous benefits of Pilates and my enjoyment of this form of exercise, I trained with the Pilates Institute, qualifying as a Pilates Instructor in 2008.

I absolutely love Pilates and really enjoy instructing my classes, working on new choreography and seeing the positive differences that Pilates makes in people's lives. I teach all levels of Pilates - which also includes a class for men! I continuously work on updating my technique, continuing to study all areas of Pilates and am currently in the process of training to teach children (5 - 16) through SmartyPilates.

Our classes are held in our own beautiful studios based in The Old Kennels at Boswell Farm. Set high up under the shade of an ancient Oak tree, the studios enjoy stunning panoramic views across the Sweetcombe Valley and across to Sidmouth and the sea beyond!

The studios have a professional sprung floor ensuring safety and comfort for all floor activities. Opening up the four large oak stable doors to combine the two studios into one large studio reveals two full length windows and two glazed doors which lead onto a south facing flagstone terrace - a perfect area for Pilates practice on a warm day.