Mat Classes

Group mat classes are recommended for those who have no serious injuries and who like the social aspect of a class environment.

The group classes are one and a half hours long and are taught in courses which range between five and nine weeks. Classes are graded from beginner through to advanced level.

Mat classes use both the Pilates mat as well as top quality Pilates small apparatus - Triad Balls, Foam Rollers, Core Bands, Hand and Ankle Weights, Pilates Power Rings, Core Stability Balls, Bosus and Pulseroll

These classes are for men and women.

We do not mix abilities in our classes.

Please do feel free to contact us for more information, or to book onto one of our classes - 01395 514 162

Beginner classes are aimed at those new to Pilates or those who have had a very long break since their last Pilates sessions. You will learn the fundamentals of Pilates, practise the correct technique for ensuring that you are always working from your core, understand how to move correctly and learn the beginner to improver level exercises.

Once you have established a sound core stability you can begin to challenge that stability with more and more dynamic movement, improving posture, stamina and a stronger core.

Intermediate classes incorporate “classical Pilates” exercises into the class, working at a pace that establishes stamina, continual movement and ensures that every muscle of the body is both stretched and strengthened.

In advanced classes Classical Pilates is the focus, as is the perfection of technique in order to ensure that the movement always comes from the deep core muscles.

Monday: 9.00 - 10.30 & 18.30 - 20.00

Tuesday: 9.00 - 10.30 & 11.00 - 12.30

Wednesday: 9.00 - 10.30 & 11.00 - 12.30 & 18.30 - 20.00

Thursday: 18.30 - 20.00

Class cost per session: £ 15.00 (each session is 1.5 hours)

Courses range from 4-9 weeks*

* The cost of the whole course is payable before the start of the course

I have been going to Mat Pilates at Linda Macaulays for approximately 12 years.
I love her classes because she is very professional about her lessons making sure you do all the movements properly but at the same time there is an element of fun. Each class varies with different equipment used sometimes which keeps us challenged and on our toes and tests our core strength.
Classes vary from beginners up to the more experienced. She is very good at making sure you do the movements properly and helps those that are more challenged if they have had any muscle or skeletal problems. I hate missing her classes and notice a decline in my general every day body movements if I have not attended for a few weeks. The venue is amazing a spacious, light, studio looking across fields and a valley which also helps, along with the post and pre lesson meditation.
She is the most seriously professional Pilates teacher I have ever come across.

Gabrielle Lyne - July 2014

Linda is a dedicated teacher and the care she takes in choreographing her lessons is indicative of her commitment to both the Pilates method and to the well being and development of her students. This is classic Pilates, where detail matters, taught in a fully equipped studio set in beautiful countryside. Thoroughly recommended.

Graham - July 2014

Having done pilates with Linda for the last 4 years it has made such difference to my core strength, which was nil when I started. Also my flexibility is much greater. By the end of a session you feel your body has been stretched, strengthened and incredibly relaxed. As Linda states, pilates is really for life.

CDC - July 2014

Kirstin's class combines physical exercise in a calm atmosphere. Afterwards I feel nurtured, emotionally and spiritually replenished. I try never to miss a class.

Rosemary Maggs - August 2014

Pilates at its best. Linda runs structured courses to develop pilates proficiency and is skilled at giving individual attention within a group setting. Her own advanced standard of pilates practice coupled with a pilates passion and ability to instruct at all levels inspires and achieves the best from her clients.

Ann Jarvis - August 2014

If you want Pilates in your life, you can do no better than classes with Linda. She Imparts the feeling - the belief - that we can go on developing, keeping our bodies fit and strong, challenging ourselves and remaining confidant that there is always more to do, more to attempt.

Trixie Walker - August 2014

When I joined Linda Macaulay's Pilates classes 8 years ago, little did I realise that it would lead to so many positive improvements in my life. I am so much stronger and fitter, and at 67 years old, I am still getting compliments about my figure and my posture from people very much younger than me! After twenty six years of studying and teaching Pilates, Linda is a mine of information about every aspect of the human body, and has taught me to have the greatest respect for my body - how to look after it and keep it as healthy as possible. Pilates also teaches you about the importance of balance, which makes me safer in my everyday life. I used to have a problem with my lower back, which was often quite painful, but since taking up Pilates and with only about four visits a year to the Chiropractor, the problem has all but disappeared. The other thing I love about Pilates is that it is strictly non-competitive and if for some reason you aren't feeling 100% in class, then Linda encourages us to treat ourselves gently! I am just so grateful that I was recommended to Linda's Pilates classes all those years ago and that I can count her as deeply respected friend for whom I have the greatest affection.

Rosemary Boud - August 2014

I've been doing Mat Pilates with Linda for several years, and have this year added in some 'big equipment' sessions. I've been a weight trainer for about 50 years, working in professional gyms in London and particularly under the tuition of Dave Prowse. When I retired to Devon I was looking for a new challenge which would give me flexibility as well as fitness, and act as a counterbalance to weights as such. Pilates has been an utter revelation. I am a sceptic at heart but any reservations I might have had have been completely dispelled. I think that you are able to progress more quickly doing properly organised and instructed Pilates than virtually any other form of exercise with which I am familiar. I've had some set backs with poor health, but Pilates has helped me bounce right back to a better level of overall fitness than I've had for many years. Of course, as in any 'sport', the trainer is crucial. Linda is the best instructor I've ever come across, regardless of type of activity. She herself is capable of doing Pilates at the highest levels possible and is able to communicate that to her tutees, which gives us all immense confidence and feeling of safety. All our equipment has been carefully sourced by Linda and is first class, as are the studios. This environment is set in what must be one the most beautiful places in England, which makes you feel great before you've started doing any exercise.
I went to Linda because she was highly recommended. I'm delighted to be able to have the opportunity to encourage others to join Pilates at Boswell.

Roger Fieldsend - 2 July, 2014

I am so glad that Linda’s pilates classes were recommended to me. I now look forward to her class each week in the light and airy studio with the beautiful view.
Linda is an excellent teacher. She has a great depth of knowledge of her subject and takes a lot of care to prepare classes that are interesting and challenging but suitable for all our various abilities. She demonstrates exactly what to do and encourages us, giving background information to explain why the exercises are important in a way I find that very helpful. Every week is different and fresh. Although I feel I am working hard, the time goes by very quickly and I don’t like to miss a week.
I love the calm atmosphere in Linda’s classes. There is a period of rest and relaxation following the exercises and I leave feeling that both body and brain have been stretched, refreshed and revitalised.

Gill Minetts - February 2015

Can't recommend this studio highly enough. Linda, who runs it is inspirational, prepared me so well for my hip replacement and gave me the confidence to resume "normal" life

GB April 2016

"I’ve been going to pilates classes with different instructors for the past 6 years. Having moved to Sidmouth towards the end of last year I enrolled for a set of mat classes with Linda. For the first time I feel I’m really doing the exercises to maximum effect as there’s such attention to the detail of all aspects of controlling the movements and conditioning the body. Each class I walk out feeling 6 inches taller!"

BB January 2017

I have beeIn attending Linda's Pilates classes since September 2016 and have found them to be structured, thorough and enjoyable. Linda is a committed, dedicated and caring person who teaches with great enthusiasm and knowledgeable. Linda's Pilates classes have helped me both physically and mentally and therefore I would highly recommend her.

JF February 2017

I am fairly new to Linda Macaulay's Pilates classes but I can already see and feel the benefits (I feel my balance, flexibility and posture have all improved). Linda is very experienced and professional. I find her an excellent instructor, she clearly demonstrates and is helpful and concise. Also the tranquil location of The Pilates mat studio is the perfect place to work out or meditate (an oasis of calm in an otherwise hectic world). Consequently I would wholeheartedly recommend Linda and her classes to anyone and everyone!

GL February 2017

' As a comparative newcomer to Pilates I am now a total convert. I started going to Pilates because I had a crick in the neck, following a fall, which had been bugging me for about 18 months. Within a month or so of Pilates practice the pain had gone and has never returned. After a Pilates lesson with Linda you feel that every bone in your body has been moved, every muscle stretched and everything put back in the right place. Hence those niggling pains that can be so irksome seldom occur. Linda is very professional in her approach. Every move in the Pilates practice is explained thoroughly, not only how to do the exercise but also why we are doing it and how it benefits each specific part of the body. This is very helpful, makes the lesson more interesting and makes you realize just how much we take our bodies for granted. I would recommend everyone to sign up for Linda's Pilates course. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

PC March 2017

“ Having never attended a class for any form of fitness, at the age of 71, I asked Linda if I would benefit from starting a course of Pilates to maintain my health and wellbeing. She said it would and agreed to let me try a class. It was with some trepidation I turned up. The studio was beautifully appointed and everybody was very friendly. The class was quite a revelation as I discovered that I was quite capable of attempting all, and sometimes achieving some, of the moves. Linda always demonstrates what she is asking us to do and explains which part of the body it will exercise. Each class is different and in the summer we even exercise on the patio outside. I have now been doing Pilates for two years and definitely feel the benefit. I don’t hesitate to recommend the course to my friends.”

EG 2017

I’d like to take the opportunity to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed the classes again this year and how beneficial I find them. Thank you.

AR 2017


I first came into contact with Pilates in 1985 and found that this form of exercise completely encapsulated all my beliefs about fitness, the Mind Body connection and the ensuing ongoing health of both body and mind.

Previously, I had trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (LGSM) in London, which inspired further my innate love of dance and movement. This lead me to explore different forms of exercise and movement, which included achieving an Aerobics Instructor qualification.

On discovering Pilates, I studied to become a Pilates Instructor, completing an apprenticeship at Wayne Sleep's Studios in London and working with Gordon Thompson (later of Body Control Pilates fame). I then instructed at Wayne's studio, and at other London studios, until moving to Devon in 1994. In 1993 I undertook further training with the Pilates Institute, to become an Instructor Member of the Pilates Institute.

My Diploma in Counselling qualification and ongoing trainings informs and underlines my belief that as Joseph Pilates said:

"It is the mind itself that shapes the body"
and that:
"Your biography becomes your biology"

I regularly attend Master Classes and further trainings in London, Spain and USA making sure that I am in touch with all the latest research into Pilates, and most importantly to challenge my own Pilates Practise!

"Pilates for Life is an unending Journey - it is not the arrival that is important but how the journey is conducted and experienced that matters."


My journey into Pilates started because I had, from the age of 19, inherent back problems which would regularly disable me for a week at a time! Therefore, when Linda suggested that I start Pilates during my first pregnancy (2002) it seemed a very sensible thing to do.

I really enjoyed the Pilates Matwork sessions and quickly realised that it was making a significant difference to the strength of my back. I continued doing Pilates right up to the birth of my eldest daughter. Pilates now is an essential part of my life both for body, mind and spirit; as I teach full time in an International School and have two children my life is very busy and demanding.

Because of my personal experience of the enormous benefits of Pilates and my enjoyment of this form of exercise, I trained with the Pilates Institute, qualifying as a Pilates Instructor in 2008.

I absolutely love Pilates and really enjoy instructing my classes, working on new choreography and seeing the positive differences that Pilates makes in people's lives. I teach all levels of Pilates - which also includes a class for men! I continuously work on updating my technique, continuing to study all areas of Pilates and am currently in the process of training to teach children (5 - 16) through Smartypilates.

Our classes are held in our own beautiful studios based in The Old Kennels at Boswell Farm. Set high up under the shade of an ancient Oak tree, the studios enjoy stunning panoramic views across the Sweetcombe Valley and across to Sidmouth and the sea beyond!

The studios have a professional sprung floor ensuring safety and comfort for all floor activities. Opening up the four large oak stable doors to combine the two studios into one large studio reveals two full length windows and two glazed doors which lead onto a south facing flagstone terrace - a perfect area for Pilates practice on a warm day.