Linda & Boswell

24 Years at Boswell Farm...

This year Linda is celebrating her 25th year of living and working at Boswell Farm...

Linda has lived and worked at Boswell Farm for 24 years, restoring the cottages and building the Pilates business.

Linda arrived at Boswell Farm on 4th May 1994, midweek, with all cottages full, and was thrown straight into running the cottage business taking bookings whilst trying to learn the configuration of each cottage and having to tell people she would ring them back after rushing out to look at the cottage layout first! It was a VERY steep learning curve!

Dealing with cleaning teams, and large scale refuse collection, advising holiday makers of the best places to visit locally was all new and exciting and exhausting! On one occasion the saturday cleaning team did not turn up and so on her own Linda cleaned all seven cottages, and had only 6 hours to do it in, in time for the next guests to arrive! Come 4pm she found herself running around apologising to guests as they arrived whilst finishing the cottages off!!

To round off the first month as the new custodians of Boswell and the holiday cottages, Linda experienced a chimney fire in the main house! Upon dialling 999 she was asked directions to Boswell from the (volunteer) firefighters station and had to inform them that she could not as she did not yet know her way anywhere!!! Luckily they managed to save the house and the new thatch - the voluntary Fire team had lost a thatched house only that morning!

Linda's husband - having previously been a Consultant Surgeon - decided to learn how to run the laundry machines and the rotary iron, and quickly earned himself the nickname 'Mr Tiggywinkle' becoming very territorial about his laundry room! On occasions he was just like Basil Fawlty!! Many guests adored his eccentricity and still talk about him fondly today.

One particularly darkly funny incident occurred when a guest reported that there was a body in a black sack in the Snodbrook - complete with bones on view!! On closer inspection 'the body' fortunately turned out to be the poor remains of poached deer.

Linda has been very fortunate over the years to have a great number of lovely guests, many of whom return year after year to rediscover the delights of Boswell Farm and its fabulous and unique owner.

This year (2018) we have some wonderful guests returning for what will be their 24th year of holidaying at Boswell - bringing their now grown up children with their own children!!! Boswell also see's a number of families deliberately booking the same weeks every year so that every year they can continue their fishing competitions and annual cricket match in the meadow in front of the house! Linda even used to keep the trophy from year to year and then do a formal presentation at the end of the match!

There was of course one very hard year when Boswell fell victim to the awful flooding experienced across the South West, after much hard work, sweat, money and a few tears Boswell Farm is now fully 'flood defended' and ready for anything!

All in all it has been a fabulous 24 years at Boswell Farm, and Linda and her family are looking forward to the next 24 years being as hectic and fun filled as the last 24 have been!

We look forward to seeing you all again, and if your visiting for the first time we hope you find as much fun, and create as many great memories of your time here as we have!


Winners of the Venus Award 2014

Linda and Boswell Farm are proud to announce we are WINNERS for the Venus Awards 2014 in Devon, celebrating women in business. We are so very happy to have been nominated for Home Based Business, Devon - many thanks to all who have supported us and made this award possible!


Boswell Farm and Linda...

Since acquiring Boswell Farm Linda has worked tirelessly to build the business into a unique, successful center for wellbeing and tourism, developing a highly regarded professional Pilates Studio, and renovating seven beautiful holiday cottages welcoming guests from around the world.

Linda lovingly renovated Boswell Farm’s charming cottages using her expertise as an interior designer, and they are now graded 4 Star Gold by Visit Britain and Gold awarded by Green Tourism. Guests are invited and encouraged by Linda to share in her beautiful family home, enjoying such facilities as the tennis court, fishing lake, play ground, and 45 acres of spectacular Devon countryside.

Boswell Farm is a unique Centre for personal wellbeing and green tourism set in the heart of Devon’s beautiful Sweetcombe Valley. Linda has innovatively reinvented Boswell Farm from a failing cottage business acquired 24 years ago, into a thriving combined home based business welcoming holiday guests, counseling clients, and Pilates students both locally and from all over the world to the delights of this ‘little piece of heaven in Devon’.